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ThatTechyChick says...

Get Out There and Strut Your Business

These days online networking is the go to option! Thanks to the pandemic, virtual networking events are our best option!

For your business to survive and grow, you have to become noticeable, and the best way to do this is by connecting with other like-minded professionals. Whether you want to trade information, build relationships, or exchange opinions, virtual networking events are a great opportunity for your business to blossom.

Because of this, online networking events have grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic. Unfortunately, it's still hard to find a virtual networking evet for business owners that's not a complete waste of time.

Online networking events you can to attend to create big business opportunities

I have researched and attended a number of networking events to try to weed through the waste of time options for you. I have learned that the free events are not always the best option. But if you have time to research, they can be as beneficial as the paid ones.

Every.Black Entrepreneur International Masterminds

Unpretentious Networking

The Three Martini Lunch National Virtual Networking Event

The Rebellious Business Network

In Conclusion,

Online networking has its pros and cons. Me personally, I prefer online vs in person networking. The option has less germs and I've found it is easier for me to come out of my shell and meet people. I think it's because it is personal but only to a degree. Online Networking has worked miracles for me and my business and I hope this helps with opening new avenues for you as well.




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