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ThatTechyChick says...

The Rocketbook! Wait for it...

Being the Tech-savvy young lady that I am... I am always excited to hear and find new gadgets.

The other day I was in yet another supervisor meeting and the presenter mentioned that she loves her Rocketbook and proceeded to brag about what all it does. At first, I brushed it off and was like yeah, okay, it's a notebook got it. Chop-chop let's get this meeting over with lol. I then heard her say... Wait for it!

This notebook allows you to write notes, draw or do whatever and upload it to the location of your choice with a check mark and the app!!

Of course, I immediately tune the rest of that zoom meeting out lol. I start looking this thing up online and it was Love at 1st click!

It took me about an hour of debating and I finally went with the ROCKETBOOK WAVE.

This one allows you to take notes, draw, do whatever, and then upload to the platform or cloud of your choice. You have the option to have your work uploaded as you did it or in typed format! I like using the typed format because I upload it in my OneNote, google drive, or email and just start typing where I left off, edit it, and hit send!

Then when you are done or when you have filled the notebook...Wait for it!

You just put it in the Dagnabbit MICROWAVE and it erases the whole notebook and you start all over again!!!!

I mean, I'm in heaven with this thing! I tried to share the news with a couple of my family members but they were #NotImpressed lol! I guess it's because I'm a business woman and I write, take notes, keep records, and much more all day long basically so this new discovery is like the talk of the town for me.

Then I remembered and said, Hey Techy, you have your own little platform now, go... go spread the good news about your new discovery! LMAO.

So now you know! :-)



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